Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Story about Oli's Breasts

We went to Naesti bar (like nasty) last Saturday with Magnus. This super drunk friend and a guy named Oli sat down with us and started to babble. Then he says "do you know why Oli doesn't have any breasts?" We all shook our heads but Magnus says "well, hmm, cuz he is a man and he has testrostrogen(sp?) in his body, blah blah" Whatever. Then the drunk man goes "nope! it's because he doesn't want to get fucked by me." We left shortly after that.

Catching up on end of the year 2001

-Went to see Bjork in concert (nice but too big of a concert, she had some BIG backup singers)
-Went to see HAM documentary, everyone who used to be in love with the band 10 years go showed up, they said HAM was ahead of their time, the doc was in Icelandic so we did not understand, we just saw a lot of drunk rocker dudes.
-Went to Bjork's after-party, sneaked in with some friends, stole some drinks from Bjork while she was at the bar, got SUPER drunk, Brad says i might have pinched Bjork's butt. Totally humiliating.
-Went to a huge costume party for the new years eve and had to bring my hubby Brad home because he was drooling outside at 5AM, sitting on a bumper of someone's truck.
-Finished my sound CD collection and started to delete all my files from the machine, feels great.
-Overall slow start on the year, much to do. Later.
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